Canadian comic book creators

UysFaber Inc. is a publisher of print comics and webcomics. Located in Toronto, we employ local writers and artists for all of our projects. We are currently publishing Lessons Learned, a webcomic based on real events; HardWear, a cyberpunk sci-fi noir comic book; and Totem Sacred, a modern supernatural-horror comic book.

We are interested in new artists and inkers who live in, or close to, Toronto (we proudly support and encourage Canadian creators!), and who want to collaborate with UysFaber Inc. Contact us at uysfaber@gmail.com.

Totem Sacred is a modern fantasy series that draws upon our world's exciting and diverse cultures, and their myths and folklore. Ranging from Earth to fantastical lands that exist beyond it in The Realms, the Totem Sacred series is filled with strange beasties and even more bizarre protagonists, who often appear human at first glance but are actually beings gifted with great powers.

Salt Road is a mini-comic, part of the larger Totem Sacred world. Salt Road follows a young private detective, Shani, as she hunts the ghosts and monsters who slip through the night, relying only on her wits and courage to survive.


HardWear is a sci-fi noir cyberpunk series detailing the lives (and deaths) of the residents of Winn City. Set in a dark, nano-infused future where corporations rule the cities and street-razors run amok in the night, the comic focuses on three very different characters as they struggle to survive from day to day.

Lessons Learned is based on real events, with only the names changed to protect the innocent and foolish.

UysFaber is produced by a number of Toronto-based creators, but the comics are to be enjoyed by any and all. Check out the Upcoming page for character designs, interior art, and covers for projects soon to be released!

Finally, the "Uys" in UysFaber is pronounced "Ace." It's an Afrikaner family name. And a long story. With Vikings...if you believe the storyteller!



President & Publisher: Andrew Uys
Head of Production: Anisa Nixon
Head of Editorial: Sarah Overall

HardWear Title Editor: John "DK" Kartigan
Totem Sacred Title Editor: Sarah Overall



Totem Sacred: Salt Road Writer: Jaclyn Armstrong
Totem Sacred: Salt Road: Artist: Matthew Salonen
Totem Sacred: Tay-Ra Writer: Andrew Uys
Totem Sacred: Tay-Ra Artist: Jonathan Gray
Totem Sacred: Baccoo Writer: Merissa Aaron
Totem Sacred: Baccoo Artist: Stephen Michlits
Totem Sacred: Trigger Creator: Dov Smiley

HardWear Writer: Andrew Uys
HardWear & HW: N.C.D.J. Artist: John "DK" Kartigan
HardWear: Spectrum Writer: Aaron Feldman
HardWear: Spectrum Artist: Rebecca Slack
HardWear: Hideous Creator: Dov Smiley

Lessons Learned Artists: Dov Smiley, Rob Vellone, Bram Cayne, John D. Kartigan (DK), Matthew Salonen.

Character Design Artist: Steff Sheung.